PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Difference between two version

PUBG Mobile Lite offer lite and smooth battle

Hi peeps. Have you guys try PUBG Mobile Lite? Well, i have try it and it was pretty awesome. The reason of Abang Wayne play PUBG Mobile Lite is because my phone is outdated. I'm still using Huawei Mate 8. But when you play games like PUBG and similar, the heat from phone make feel uncomfortable. So, let's check what is the difference of  PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite Maps

first of all, during my first trial playing PUBG Mobile Lite, i found that it offers only 2 maps that is Erangel and Sanhok. The place name also difference from PUBG Mobile and the map size also smaller.

PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite Erangel map

PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite Sanhok map

PUBG Mobile Lite total players

PUBG Mobile Lite also offer only 60 players per game differ from PUBG Mobile which offer 100 players per game. Although PUBG Mobile Lite offer only 60 players, however the difficulties similar to PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Besides that the panorama and view slightly differ from PUBG Mobile Lite. For instance, the waiting area before the game start for PUBG Mobile is at Bhan, but in PUBG Mobile Lite (as picture)  is at Tree House and the building and landscape slightly different.

Air Drop supply notification

One thing PUBG Mobile Lite is my favourite game is the notification of Air Drop supply in the map. If there is any Air Drop supply, the is a beep sound and also there is a red notification in the maps. Thus will help players to go to the air drop supply area. Besides that, the frequency of air drop supply is quite frequent.

PUBG Mobile Lite Chicken Dinner

At the moment, PUBG Mobile Lite isn't install by many. So the chances for Chicken Dinner is high. You can simply get the high rank if you can maintain Chicken Dinner every game.

PUBG Mobile Lite


Minimum requirements to play PUBG Mobile Lite, include devices running Android 4.3 and above, with at least 2GB RAM and about 2GB free storage. This would not only accommodate the game’s download file size, but the data collected from gameplay as well. Those who play games using I-Phone, sadly you guys still cannot play PUBG Mobile Lite at the moment. Not available for i-Phone user. Hahahaaa....


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