Nofx muncul dengan single terbaru Fish in a Gun Barrel

Nofx - Fish in a Gun Barrel lyrics

Hola peminat muzik punk rock, street punk dan segala berkaitan punk. Bagi peminat band Nofx, mereka telah merilis single terbaru yang berjudul Fish in a Gun Barrel.

Lirik lagu ini berkisar tentang kejadian tembakan rambang pada tahun 2016 di Orlando, USA. Kita sememangnya tahu, di USA, mereka boleh menjual  dan memiliki senjata api. Bila dah memiliki senjata api, keburukan dia inilah, tembak orang sesuka hati. Bukannya 1 2 insiden ni berlaku. Banyak sangat. Tapi diorang masih tak ubah akta senjata api ni. Last-last, masuk berita tv la. Tembak sana sini.

Does anyone know how loaded he was
When he unloaded his gun?
Does anyone know how loaded he was
When the slaughter had begun?

Does anyone know how crazy he was?
Does anyone think he did it because?
He thought humans were in season?
His brain had a lesion ?
.... didn't have any reason ?

Does anyone know what number of pint
He was planning to spill ?
Does anyone think he may have been prescribed
The wrong happy pill ?

Which got him to kill all the infidles
The intellectuals, the homosexual
Even the red-neckxuals
Everything can start making sense
When it's (in)printed out of context

Does anyone know what made him decide
To unload his first round?
Do you think he cared what race or faith
For the victims he left for dead on the ground?

Does anyone know how Jewish he was?
Does anyone know how Buddish he was?
Does anyone know how if he's a Christian?
Had a pot to piss in (?)
Did he consider it a sin ?

Did anyone go to church for the dead?
And asked in knee and pray
How can you believe in a God
And still carry a card of the NRA?

I thought religion is supposed to instill
A notion that is not right to kill
It must be a bitter pill
To admit that you are all mentally ill

Why do we have a hard time
When there's no enemy to blame
It doesn't matter how many were killed
The debate is the same

Is it alright to ... judge you for fun
Is it protection we need from the gun
The blame is always placed on someone
It's always how the story is spun

Only a lunatic
Would sell a lunatic a gun

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