How to reduce back pain

Biobax helps reduce back pain

Back pain usually suffered by those age 30th and above. At this stage, bodies will less produce calcium. However, it is based on case-to-case basis. Those who suffered back pain shall read this on how to reduce back pain.

How to reduce back pain

Those who suffered back pain cannot lift any heavy items. Some of them can't even crouching. But for women, during pregnancy they will suffer back pain. So let read how to reduce the back pain and find the solution.

Biobax Cool Therapy

Does anyone ever heard Biobax Cool Therapy?

Biobax Cool Therapy is formulated by natural ingredients that not contained any chemical thus not harmful. Using black seed, eucalyptus oil and olive oil as its ingredients, the effect of coolness after applying it on skins relieve back pain and aches on bodies.

This so called magic pain relieve by its user is a must have pain relieve that everyone should have in their pocket.

As one of user, i am suggesting that everyone should try and have this. I even use it when i have cold and running nose. The aroma will make your nose feel better. But don't apply on your nose. Apply it on your palm and sniff it slowly.


Will you buy a pain killer for RM10 but the pain keep repeating? Will you buy a medicine that contain steroid that harmful to your body?

I suggesting that, buy an organic product, that relieve your pain like Biobax Cool Therapy. Price of RM80 really worth it. I bet you!

Peninsular = RM80
East Malaysia = RM85

So, hurry up and Whatsapp 017-8125655 to have your natural and organic pain reliever.

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