Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Maksud Made in P.R.C

Maksud Made in P.R.C

Maksud Made in P.R.C

Ramai tak tahu maksud Made in P.R.C

Semalam macam biasalah, aktiviti orang bujang lepak kat Alamanda bersama Mama Harraz. Baru remaja. Tak gittew?

So, masa survey barangan gadis-gadis di Aeon Big, Mama Harraz pun tanya. "PRC ni apa?"

Masa tu Abe We dengan pantas menggunakan kepakaran dalam bidang Geografi Tingkatan 3 segera menjawab "People Republic of China kot."

Itu memang jawapan super spontan geografi tingkatan 3 dari Abe We. Sebab Abe We pernah menggoogle map ternampak perkataan People Republic of China dekat atas map tu. 

Lepas tu Abe We try search lagi sekali bagi mengkompemkan jawapan bernas Abe We tadi.

"Made in PRC" means "made in the People's Republic of China."Historically, products manufactured in this nation bore the inscription "made in China." Beginning in 2013, the use of "made in PRC" is becoming ever more common on products manufactured in that Asian nation
Chinese manufacturers have stopped using "made in China" labels on clothes sold in Japan in an effort to improve sales, it's reported.
Instead, clothes are being labelled "made in PRC" - the People's Republic of China - because many Japanese customers don't know what this stands for, the website says
Some import and export analysts suggest that China is making this change as means of improving its "brand." Some people perceive a label bearing "made in China" to be indicative of lower-quality or even counterfeit merchandise. China is a major manufacturer due to cheap labor costs and its generally lax regulatory environment when it comes to producing goods


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  1. Oo.. Baru tahu.. Thanks sharing..

  2. saya pun baru tahu...biasa duk tulis made in china je..hihi

  3. trima kasihla sebab tulis entry ni...ambe baru tau jugak huhu....china pun nk ade 'branding' ye dak? hehe